Monday, February 20, 2012

146 Days - Monday Bike Ride

Typically I get up and swim on Mondays. I will admit that after swimming four times last week and spending over 3 hours in the pool between swim class and taking the kids to the Y to swim I was waterlogged. The last thing I wanted to do today was swim. So I took a day off from swimming.

Actually I planned on taking a complete rest day, but like the day before I could not rest. I felt the urge to get in at least one workout. Looking ahead at another crazy week and long nights I knew I had better get in one of my bike rides today to leave room for error later on. I did not want to have another weekend like I had where I cranked some serious miles in 72 hours.

Ava went down for a nap around 9:30 am and I jumped on the bike hoping she would sleep for a few hours. I had a 28 mile bike ride planned still working on base miles and just building up my time on the bike before pushing into some serious workouts of intervals and such.

My legs were sore from the run and swim yesterday. They felt tired, but after a few miles they felt good and strong. I finished watching Hall Pass and started watching My Idiot Brother. I sure enjoy a few good laughs on these rides that are pretty boring.

Amanda was headed to the chiro at 10:30 where she gets a super awesome 60  minute massage before being adjusted and as she was leaving Ava decided she was ready to get up. So my 28 mile bike ride came to halt at 16 miles.

You can see the ride was nothing special. Some may call these junk miles, but I am finding them to being very important and my path to success on the bike. I just need to gradually build my knee up to getting used to the cycling patterns and gradually adding time and distance on the bike.

After dealing with a fussy 9 month old I got her to eat some lunch and after a little bit of an attitude she could not fight the sleep any more and crashed. I jumped back on the bike to get the final 12 miles in. I ended up riding 14 miles to make an even 30 as I had a few hours to recover.

My knee was pretty sore during the second ride. This is something I need to watch. I hope it all goes away to allow for a great week of training. This is a sign that I have pushed the knee to the limits. I have the rest of the day to rest and hang with the kids. I finished with about 50 pushups and some core work as I realized yesterday during swim class that my core strength is terrible.

I am glad to get this ride taken care of for the week. I have two more rides to get in with one being a long ride which I will save for the weekend. I will post my training plans for the week later today in case anyone wishes to join. Don't forget the CRAZIES are running tomorrow at 6 am starting at the Bettendorf Y.

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