Tuesday, February 14, 2012

152 Days - Tuesday Run With Crazies

As you can see I was able to meet up with the Crazies this morning a for a great run. We had the luxury of running in some snow. Crazy to think we have only ran a few times in snow. Despite snow it was awesome running weather of about 31 degrees and no wind. We ran through some neighborhoods and tackled a few hills along the way.

Our mile progression really decreased nicely. We keep hitting the 7 minute mile range our last few runs and it does not seem too labored which is nice. It is great to see the 7:37 mile pace at the end as we tackled a long rolling hill. The hills still work me out and I always drop behind the group.

This morning we had Jane, Katie, Chad, and Brian to run with. It sure is easier running with people. I love the company.

I have completed part of my workout of the day so far. I need to jump on the bike tonight and hammer out some TRX.

152 days

My goal tonight is 20 miles. The plan that I am going after has me tackling 26 miles, but I don't think I am ready for that yet. I am hoping to get to 20 miles in about an hour. I am still going to ride in a high gear to keep my knee healthy so I will have to gauge things accordingly. I will try to keep the cadence above 90 while in the high gear. I have 20 minute strength endurance mixed in the workout which simply means riding in a low gear pushing my leg muscles. I don't know if I can do that yet or not with my knee. I will have to wait to find out. It will be a challenge to get myself on the bike after a long day of teaching and game at Davenport. It will be a late night getting home, then scrambling to find time with the kids before bed and then quickly heading to the bike. GETTING IT DONE! takes committment and you have to be able to stay disciplined. Now only if I could stay disciplined with eating I would be AWESOME, but all this darn tasty candy is killing me.

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