Monday, February 13, 2012

153 Days - Monday Swim Workout 2700 yards

I really considered taking a rest today. I woke up tired. My right knee feels sore all around from the front to back and I am sore. I thought that maybe a day of rest would be good. However, I realized that maybe rest is not really going to solve these issues. A good swim workout is what I needed. I knew that if I started off the week resting I would continue down that path.

I have two goals for the week.

1. Eat clean and healthy - I must leave candy and junk food alone
2. Have another good week of training like last week and get this body back to normal

I headed to the pool for a tough swim workout. I started off with a regular warm up and my body felt like crud. It took the entire warm up to get my breathing normalized and the body loosened up for the main sets.

Warm Up
200 Free
200 Kick
200 Pull

I then decided to switch up the workout and go straight into the main set.

Main Set 1
4 sets of
  • 200 yard swim with 20 RI
  • 2 x 75 fast swim with 15 RI

This was a tough workout. Originally I had my eyes set on sets of 300, but realized that was not smart to jump to a larger swim volume at this stage of training. I am glad I did not do 300's because the 200's really gave me a challenge after swimming fast on the 75's.

I was gassed by the 4th round of this main set. I was able to keep all the 75's at or below 1 minute so I was happy with this. My 200's I don't know my time range, but I know I was consistent. Nothing special time wise as I just focused on good form and reaching while trying to balance my breathing after the 75's.

Main Set 2
Right after the first main set I went into the following

400 Kick - 100 easy, 200 fast, 100 easy
12 x 25 with 10 RI

My legs were tired by the end of the 400's. My legs were tired before I swam due to my long run yesterday. I really focused on fast, short kicks and holding a steady pace. I finished up with the 25 yard sets. These were to be done before the main set, but I added them to the end. I enjoyed this part of the workout. I swam every 30 seconds. This worked out perfect as I swam 20 seconds for each 25 with a 10 second rest. It was just the right level of a challenge to end a workout.

I did not do a cool down. I ended the workout there as my arms and legs were tired. This was a great workout for me to start the week. I ended up swimming 2700 yards in about 55 minutes.

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