Wednesday, February 8, 2012

158 Days - Swim Workout #2 of the Week

Another great workout from the swim coaches today. I was up on and off all night with Ava. I don't know what her deal is, but if she does not start sleeping through the night soon I am not sure how much longer Amanda and I will survive. We put the kids to bed a little after 8 pm and next you know we are snoring two minutes later. We are both quite tired.

I woke up a little earlier than normal to finalize the swim workout. I added a few extra laps to the warm up again to make sure I was ready and to also get in some more distance. Here is what I knocked out today.

Warm Up
200 Free
200 Pull
200 Kick

I did all 600 yards without a break except to quickly grab the necessary gear. I swam nice and easy to get loose. I sometimes start too fast and I think that is why my shoulder was hurting on Monday. I made sure to properly warm up and it worked.

8 x 25 Drill Set
3 Kick Switch, 6 Kick Switch, Left Arm, Right Arm, Fingertip, Fist, Flicker, DPS

5 x 100 Kick Set @ 2:00
I really had to move. For some reason I struggle with this set. I was barely making the time. By the end I was able to have about 7 seconds rest. This was a good little workout. The key is keeping form when tired.

Main Set
100 fast - I swam hard, but making sure to keep good form. I did not want to kick and shorten my stroke for the sake of speed. I felt good about my form. I finished the 100 in 1:15. I was happy with this time. I am not sure where I was before, but I know I was not swimming this fast.

200 Moderate - I was supposed to have a 20 second rest, but I extended the rest to make sure I started at the top of the clock. I did not want to have to do a bunch of math early in the morning. I swam this 200 yard above moderate, but not going all out. I felt really good during this set and felt like I could have maintained this pace for a while longer. I finished in 3:05

300 Moderate - Once again I tried to keep a constant rate of swim while keeping form. I lost count during the swim, but I think I figured it out all out. I felt good during this as well. My conditioning has really come a long way. I finished in 4:45

400 Moderate - I cannot remember my time right now, but I know it was 6 minutes and some change. I felt great during this and kept thinking I hope I feel this strong come race day. Things just seemed to go together nicely today.

5 x 100 Pull Set @ 2:00
I ended up adjusting the time to 1:45 to make it more challenging. I felt good during this finishing between 1:30 - 1:35 each time. I really tried to work on extending and rolling. I started to get tired towards the end so I know it was not as good as I would have liked.

50 Cool Down

To my surprise I swam much more than I thought. I thought this was a 2550 yard swim, but when I counted up the yardage it was 2850 making it my biggest swim workout yet. I feel really good.

My knee felt fantastic in the water. However, out of the water my knee is killing me. It hurt when I woke up and it is very sore today. I am trying to stay positive, but it sure is frustrating. I am thinking maybe one of those IT Band support braces might help. Hopefully tonight I can get to the store to see if that will help.

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