Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Week Training Totals - 70.3 Ironman Totals So Far

Alright, I had a great week of training. I was back to the 100 mile mark after being away from this total weekly mileage for almost a month with injury and such.

Last week I completed the following:

I biked 71 miles
I swam 5.23 miles
I ran 24.02 miles

Total Distance ended up being 100.28 miles

Since training started 11/28/11 I have now done

613.39 miles on the bike
241.28 miles of running
40.07 miles of swimming

Total Training is now at 894.97 miles

Here is my plan for the week
Monday(today) - Bike 28 miles
Tuesday - Run 7 miles
Wednesday - Swim Workout
Thursday - Run 7 miles
Friday - Swim Workout
Saturday and Sunday - One day will be my long run of 12 miles and one day will be my long ride of 40+ miles

**I need to get in at least two TRX workouts as I neglected those last week
**Depending how things go I may even squeeze in the third swim workout in on Saturday if I am up for it.

***A rest day must happen soon. I have a recovery week coming up so if I can hold until then I will throw in a day of nothing for sure.

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