Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Recap of Training and Training Totals

Last week I ended up with the following stats

65.33 miles of total training
38.6 miles of bike
22.6 miles of road
4.37 miles of water (my biggest week to date)

8 hours of training
11 workouts (3 runs, 3 bike, 3 swim, 2 TRX)

My plan called for 6 hours of training so I was over, but I feel good at this workload of 8 hours.

My training totals since I started swimming for the first time and actually training starting the week of 11/28/11

542.39 miles of bike
217.46 miles of road
34.84 miles of water

Total 794.69 miles

309 miles in December 2011
403 miles in January 2012
69 miles so far in February 2012

One year ago I had a total of 57 miles in February and only a handful of miles the month before as I recovered from a stress fracture and lack of motivation. I am very happy with how far ahead I am in my training and overall fitness at this point in the year. I have major strides to make, but I have moved ahead faster and further than what I imagined.

Here are some possible times to join me and some other amazing people if you wish to join us.

Tuesday and Thursday - Meet at Bettendorf Y @ 4:55 for a 5 am run. 6 B4 6 is our motto so we will run at least 6 miles and not much more this week. Ideally I would like to get in 6.5 miles on both days to build aerobic base.

One day this weekend I will go out for a long run of 11 miles. I usually run with John and Rick who are training for Leadville. They run very early in the morning. Typically there is about 4-6 people who run. I am not sure on time and location yet, but I will let you know when the time is scheduled.

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Journey to 2012 Leadville - Byrne said...

This weekend I am at a men's Christian retreat so I won't be running Saturday or Sunday. Will likely go out early on Friday for 2 hours or so. If Rick stays in town, he potentially could be up for something.

Good job on the workouts. Saw Stacy Zapolski last night - she says you are working incredibly hard - which is good. Make sure to take some days off though - especially if you are feeling injured at times or just need rest (with Ava up at night). It is difficult to perform consistently at a high level if you aren't well rested. You can get away with it in the short run but it will lead to injury and exhaustion in the long run and prevent you from reaching your goals. I find that when I take a day or two or three off, I come back refreshed with more energy. - John