Monday, October 22, 2012

Ironman Training - Days 15 - 21 - Week 3 Preseason

Here it is

I did not do a thing during my third week of preseason. I mentally did not have it in me. I started off the week with best intentions. I brought all my training gear to Des Moines, but with Ava up all night before leaving at 4 am last Monday it just set the tone. I was tired and worn out Monday. I stayed up late preparing for my presentation and slept in Tuesday.

The rest of the week was a blur. It might have been the busiest week of my teaching career(this week might win out though!). I did not have time. I could HAVE made time, but I really felt like all it would have done was wear my body out.

A big fat 0 for training. At first I was very angry with myself. I was disappointed in my dedication to my fitness and the sport. However, I have moved on. Anger gets you nowhere in life. It happened for a reason. I am okay with it.

This week I am refocused. Today was going to be my day in the pool. Well, Ava was up ALL NIGHT! I overslept my alarm and I am now off to missing a training session. I have a plan to get it all back and will do so later this week.

Life is crazy. Parent teacher conferences two nights as a teacher. Two nights of parent teacher conferences for my children. Lego Robotics practice Monday night. Girls basketball practice after school on days without my teaching parent conferences. Life of kids and getting them from point A to point B, homework, chores, etc. I have to make time.

Working out helps me. I know it does. I am much more relaxed and not so grumpy when I train. I will get back into things somehow, someway. I have a crazy 6-7 mile race coming up in a few short weeks so I need to prepare.

Life creates obstacles. The key is not to say blocked for long, but to learn how to move on. I will do just that.

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