Monday, October 15, 2012

ITAG Conference: David Williamson Keynote, "Know Next Now"

This keynote was a great start to the conference. Despite being super tired from being up since 2:15 with an upset child and driving 3 hours to get here I walked away with some great ideas and food for thought.

Here are my "take-aways" from David Williamson and his presentation titled, "Know Next Now"

**This is a mix of his words, suggestions, and my thoughts and questions**

  • Must read Michio Kaku - Physics of the Future(already purchased on my Kindle, cannot wait to read!)

  • Another book suggestion - Tom Peters, Re-Imagine
  • Key Idea - Find people living tomorrow TODAY!
    • Army
      • Parviv working on internet contact lens(INSANE!)
    • Arts
    • Advanced Manufacturing
  • View Corey Taylor(lead singer of Slipknot) talk to Oxford College last year about doing NOT what you are passionate about or what you love, BUT what you are GOOD at
  • new ITBS called Smarter Balance(I need to read up on this more)
  • A good idea for opening up my gifted class taken from his sun fact
    • Have students point to the sun(they point at the light)
    • Ask them why they are waiting or the present to be the past
    • Discuss sun takes 8.3 minutes to reach Earth
    • Follow up with goal setting about the future
  • Polaris is over 450 years old by the time it reaches us(before Pilgrims)
  • "When we hook our dreams to the stars, will it still be there when we arrive?"
  • "What a product MEANS has replaced what a product DOES."
  • Take his idea of merging two unlikely ideas/products as part of our gifted theme for next year
    • yardstick and yo-yo = tape measure
    • typewriter and TV = computer
  • Know the difference between a visual answer and visual question
    • representational
    • non-representational
  • Study up on the Lean Six Sigma
    • How can I apply this to my teaching?
  • Jet Blue example of slowing planes down 2mph saves 13.6 million dollars
    • What 2% change can we do as teachers to create this type of positive difference?
There it is. My notes and my thoughts. Time to further crunch my ideas when I return back to Bettendorf and clear off a few monster projects currently in the works.

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