Monday, October 15, 2012

ITAG Conference Day 1: Brain on OVERLOAD, I create new Keynote!

Today was a great day of learning. It is so important for teachers to get out to these conferences to network. I learn so much from the keynotes and breakout sessions, but I learn even more from people in regular conversation.

If you know me, then you know I lack some social skills until prompted. I had to break out of my shell and comfort zone to engage and when I did I quite impressed with who I talked to and what they do. I have several posts in the making on all these topics. I have more pages of notes than you can imagine. I fought through fatigue to stay driven and capture key ideas.

These conferences make me realize how little I really know and how much more I can learn. I love this! It leaves me hungry for more.

Early today I posted my notes and thoughts from the first keynote. I will post the rest of my notes and ideas soon.

The point of this post is to get back to my earlier post about taking care of small details. I discussed my process of my handout. I still found two errors that are driving me nuts, but they are things that perhaps only I will notice. As I rehearsed yesterday I realized that my original slides did not fill the entire screen when presenting. So, I went back and created a whole new presentation. I kept 98% of it the same, but had to retype, copy and paste the whole thing to the new format. You can the new one here on my wiki for my presentation

Tomorrow I have to present during the last session of the entire conference. I hope to energize my crowd(if I even have one!). I have practiced. I have prepared. I am nervous. Nervous for coming across professional like the presenters here. Not nervous due to lack of preparation.

Off to relax and get a bit of sleep after the long night last night. As I have posted on Twitter and G+, I will post the same here to close. Thanks and stay tuned for all the great things I learned.

All educators, please leave a tweet about the importance of global education to the hashtag #flatclass. I am doing my first presentation tomorrow about global education. Feel free to also join the conversation tomorrow at 2:30 pm central time. I would love to have you to show how powerful the online global education network is. Thanks


Leave a note or two on the wiki and/or presentation handout at

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