Sunday, October 21, 2012

One Of My Favorite Tools: Sunrise

I have been using Sunrise for about  a month now and I love it.

Sunrise is a website that you connect with and in a matter of a few minutes you are all setup and ready to go.

From their website, 

What are you doing today?
Sunrise combines Facebook, Google Calendar, LinkedIn and more into a nicely designed daily email.
And it's free!

 Basically, what happens is that you sign up and connect to the social networks that you wish to use. Then every morning you will receive an email in your inbox giving you the lowdown for the day.
 The email looks like this when it arrives(I did not show the birthday section for privacy reasons.)

I have my Sunrise connected with everything including all my calendars

Every morning when I get up and check my email with my cup of coffee I gave  quick rundown of everything going on for the day. It reminds me about birthdays as well.

This free service is great. It is just one of those little tools that I look forward to each morning. It does not take much time away from my busy schedule and it helps me get a better visual of what my day looks like. 

Check it out. The best part is that if you don't like it, simply unsubscribe and you are out nothing.

What tools and services do you use to make your life easier?


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