Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pringle Challenge Is Underway!

My 4th and 5th grade ELP students are taking part in a Pringle Challenge in which they have to build a container that will keep a Pringle chip intact while being shipped to various classrooms across the US. Students will receive a score based on intactness of their chip, volume, and mass. I could go into further detail, but all documents are presented and shared below.

The materials are quite limited. Students are only able to use notecards, 1 ply cardboard, masking tape, straws, and computer paper. That is all! Talk about making students really plan accordingly.

Here is a basic overview

Here is a Powerpoint going over the unit

And here is the Scoring Sheet

Thanks to Elizabeth Jones who has created all these documents.

We wrap up building and finalizing this week. My students only have a few days of class to work as I only meet with each grade level two days a week.

We will mail them off Thursday when I meet with my 5th grade students.

We will then await the packages to arrive. Then we will Skype with the other classes so we can see our packages as well as the other students seeing theirs.

This has been one great thinking challenge and really forcing students to think in whole new aspects.

Here is a slideshow of some of their work in progress. I will update again later this week when we finalize our work.

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