Monday, October 22, 2012

Quail Update: 4 Days Old

Last Friday we finally had class with our 5th grade ELP students. They were so excited about the quail. We talked about what had developed since we had class the week before and where things were going. We viewed the video about the hatching of the quail and we then began to brainstorm the variables between our three incubators and what could have caused different amount of birds to hatch. It was great to back with the kids and actually talking about the quail with them.


As of Monday morning, the quail all seem to be doing good. We have had some scary situations in keeping the quail alive, but I believe we have worked through them all.

On my end the quail food has not arrived like it was supposed to. So, I have gone a different route with seeds, tomato, and most recently dog food. I hope the food arrives today so I can get the little guy on a good feeding system.

Speaking with Mr. Collett over the weekend it sounds like he had a scare. Mr. Collett had to devise a new brooder container after the first metal brooder the quail kept getting wet from the water dish. At this stage in development the quail cannot get wet as they are not able to regulate their body temperatures.

Mr. Collett had to use the dome incubator and dry towels to keep them warm much like what they do at hospitals and by staying up late into the night and helping them feed with an eye dropper they are still alive

My son has devised a little house for the quail at my house and a little trough. The house will have to be removed soon as the quail continues to move faster and learning how to jump which leads to flying.

I am working out a new camera system for the live feed. It is providing a much better picture, but I am having issues with it staying on. I hope to have this figured out soon.

This week we will try to figure out a way to get all the quail together and the best plan for getting them back to school for students to see in person.

Our next step - building a flight pen. Students will be taking part in building a flight pen for our quail to survive in throughout the winter. If you have any great ideas please send them our way.

Here are a few pictures

Friday, October 19th - One Day Old


Eating some tomato


Saturday, October 20th - Two Days Old


Sunday, October 21st - Three Days Old


To view all the rest check out the photos here

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