Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lego Imagination Challenge: November

Coffeechug here, reporting live from the nerd cave.

Here is the next installment in the Lego Imagination Challenge for the month of November.

This topic took the most votes by a one! So I will use the theme in second place next.

Here is the challenge for November

Monochromatic color scheme.  

Pick a color

Any color that you want.

And use ONLY that color.

Build anything. 

Your creativity is the only limit imposed upon you(and the fact that you can use only one color!)

So, build a structure, a sculpture, functional, non-functional, anything at all, but you can only use one color!

Email photos to

We had a great result last month. The goal is to increase the number of creations. Spread the word and make it happen!

Good luck and may the blocks be with you.

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