Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NAGC Session Notes: Ridley Pearson General Session

This is not loaded with notes like my other posts. What I found during this presentation is being wrapped up in his stories and walking away refreshed. He is a wonderful speaker. He entertains and brings stories around to make connections along the way.

Here are some things I jotted down while listening to his stories of pushing a train up a mountian and being in a rock and roll band with Stephen King and several other well known authors.

SHOW, DON'T TELL - he mentioned this several times. I could not help but think of proving yourself. We live in a day and age where anybody can tell you anything. What we need are more people showing. Make it happen. Don't talk, prove it! At smaller conferences, PD, district meetings, etc. we are so often told what is wrong and what we need to fix, but never given any guidance to help us fix it. Don't tell us, show us. Show us how!

He mentioned the 3 act structure to organization, writing, life, etc.
1. Daily
2. Weekly
3. Monthly

It all follows the beginning, middle, and end. The triple effect that is everything in history and life. He showcased how when he was teaching and trying to get students to write he started with them writing 1. a first person memoir 2. a hand me down story 3. creative writing fiction

By starting with themselves and moving to a story from someone else they were already writing creative fiction without even knowing it.

We all need someone to push us!

I need to check out the Kingdom Keep Quest that he has helped to develop. It sounds AWESOME! I am ready for Disney.

I love this..... Spoiled is being left on the shelf unused. Don't spoil your children.

He mentioned that he still reads to his kids. I need to get better at this. My kids read to my wife and I as homework, but we need to make sure that we share what we are reading. That is just as important.

When it was all said and done I walked away thinking that we just need to go with opportunities life gives us. Don't give up on your passions and never give up. Your gut will tell you what you need to do even when we don't want to listen to it.

This was one of those presentations where I did not take a lot of notes, but I absorbed the energy and emotions from the presentation. Good stuff!

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool! What did he say about the Quest? I've heard a little about it and it sounds fun.