Thursday, November 1, 2012

Out Season Training: Week 1, Ride 2

My plan for today was to jump on the bike. This is not typical routine for me. I am used to running on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a longer run on the weekend. This training is really changing things up for me and so far I have found it to be favorable despite my brain not wanting to always adapt.

The plan for today was as follows:

MS: 2 x (5 x 30/30) @ Vo2/Zone5/Very Hard. 

Take 2' easy between each set of 5 x 30/30's. 

Remainder of any time you have available (if any, not required) @ 80-85%/Zone3/Mod-Hard.

These are Vo2 sets, as equal parts "ON" and "OFF" time, where ON is done at your Vo2 power, Z5 heart rate, or Very Hard effort, and OFF is at 65% power, Z1 heart rate, or Easy effort. For example, for the 30/30's, you will do 30" ON, then 30" OFF, repeating this for the specified set.

I won't lie, looking at this workout I thought it looked rather easy. I even asked on the forums about the ease of this workout(even with being out of shape). However, I was reminded over and over not to overdo things and stick to the plan. So, I did just that and I found this workout to be far from easy. It was challenging in a couple ways.

I started off with a 16 minute warm up to get loose. I started a bit later than normal (6:15). My Netflix was not working, my bike tire was flat, and I just was not ready to go. I also overslept a bit so I started in a rush.

You can then see the workout splits below. When I was cranking hard at Zone 5 I was riding 34+ MPH. That is moving. One thing I struggled with was my HR. The HR readings are delayed so as I was cranking I would not see the numbers until the time was almost over and then during the cool down my HR was at the peak. I had to just realize that when the time hit to push as hard as I could.

My legs were burning during these 30 second bursts. After the two minute rest and preparing the next round I had to really focus on working hard. This was no joke!

What I found to be a struggle was to then continue riding in Zone 3. I realized today that my previous efforts without proper testing and measures I never rode in Zone 3 when I thought I was. To maintain Zone 3 was not hard, but it was definitely a step up from my typical workouts in the past. I realized that this program is going to work for me as it keeps me dialed in with certain zones.

I did make myself ride for 60 minutes. I don't want to shortchange my time. I need to keep pushing myself and training strong when I am committed.

During the ride I watched the 30/30 episode on Michael Jordan when he played baseball. It was interesting to watch this journey and the reasons why he did what he did. Very fascinating and gave me some food for thought about always pushing myself and when the joy is not there to move on.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then this weekend brings up one more ride and my second run for the week.

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