Monday, November 5, 2012

Out Season: Week 1 Sunday - Run

I have completed my first week of Out Season training.

I am sore. My legs are shot. I am happy for a rest day today(Monday).

Sunday I had my final workout of the week calling for:

MS: 4 x 800 (2') all @ TP/Z4/Hard.

Remainder of run is how you feel, but try to accumulate more HMP/Z3/Mod-Hard time.

The goal is to build up to running 75-90 minutes. I am not ready for this amount of time and not ready for a Zone 3 run either. I took things nice and easy after the 800's.

This morning I am sore. My shins hurt and my legs feel tired. It is a good sign of getting back to work. I need to take care of my body with proper rest and eating healthy(both of which I struggled with this past week).

I started off with a 14 minute warm up as I ran to the high school.

Once on the track I ran 800, followed by a 400 jog as rest and repeated three more times.

My 800's I started off way too fast running 6:44, 6:58, and then getting close to my goal of 7:12. I had problems getting it dialed in. I know I should not push hard and I have to force myself to stay the course. Otherwise, if I don't my body will break down.

With my shins sore today I remember that the track does not do much for me. Looking back at previous training I noted that every single time I ran on the track I became injured. Next time I am going to avoid the track. I don't know why this happens, but for some reason the track just shreds my knees, shins, and joints. This week I will be finding a flat area to do these type of workouts.

My HR was also slightly above target range, but I think this will all go back down as I continue to get in shape.

The first week is in the books. I am focusing more this week on eating more intelligently with more whole foods and less bread, dairy, and sugar.

Off to enjoy a day of rest and get ready for week 2.

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~Nathalie~ said...

Good work, Aaron!
Here is to a good rest day and a great start to Week Two.