Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Out Season: Week 2: Run Workout a.k.a Virtual Brick

This morning was tough. I am struggling as I type this right now. Yesterday I did not make time to eat enough. I was super busy and did not get in enough food. After coaching my 8th grade girls and getting home after 7 pm I ate a sandwich and proceeded to eat a bunch of garbage food.

Last night I fell asleep watching the election for about 90 minutes. When I woke up I could not fall back asleep. I was up from 10:00 - 1:30 last night night. I could not stop my minding from going a million miles an hour thinking about the game, coaching, school work, life, etc. You name it I thought about it.

Needless to say that my alarm at 4:13 went off and I was super tired. I forced myself up and did get my run in. I did not however get my 15 minute easy run with strides in last night. I hope that I will be okay with missing that little workout.

I ran to the track as my warm up and proceeded to do the following workout:

MS: 5 x 800 (4') @ TP/Z4/Hard.

Tip: The Wednesday run is the "virtual" brick of the OS program, where you run on tired legs after Tuesday but before Thursday. These are quality sessions, so do your best to stack them 24 hours apart (tues/wed/thurs)


I was pretty dialed in this morning. My legs were tired. My cardio felt fine. The first two I was a little fast, but my HR was below Z4 so I felt that this was okay. It all caught up to me at the third set where I hit my time perfectly with good HR. My legs were tired at this point. The next two I picked up the pace, but they did not feel any harder than the third set. My HR was only above Z4 for the last one, but with the first two below I think it all balances out :)

Set 1: 6:52 @ 134 HR
Set 2: 7:01 @ 148 HR
Set 3: 7:12 @ 154 HR
Set 4: 7:00 @ 156 HR
Set 5: 6:46 @ 161 HR

I then ran home as a cool down and have continued my day. I am very tired and having a hard time staying awake. I hope for a good night sleep tonight and back to proper eating so I can get another good bike workout in tomorrow morning. Thank goodness for my AdvoCare product to help me get my body fueled and primed.

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