Sunday, November 11, 2012

Out Season: Week 2 - Sunday Run on Dreadmill

I had no choice today but to run on the treadmill. The lonely treadmill that sits in my basement all alone begging for attention. The poor machine neglected for so long after Amanda has been battling back and foot injuries for what seems like eternity.

With rain in the forecast I had to get yard work done before it all came our way. We had a yard caked with leaves so with the help of the kids we knocked it out just in time. Due to wind and rain I was not going to run outside.

Ava took a nap and Amanda headed out for groceries so that also forced me inside. I jumped on the treadmill which I have not ran inside in over a year. I hate treadmills as they destroy my knees and my knees already hurt.

I did the following workout to wrap up week 2 of my Out Season training. It has been another great week of training. I am feeling my fitness improve and I hate to say it, but it feels good to be sore every morning. This means my body is adapting and improving. I only my terrible eating this weekend did not do too much damage to my goals of losing weight and my fitness. I need to shred some serious poundage before my joints fall apart. I will be doing a weigh in update tomorrow.

Back to the training at hand.

Warm-Up - 10 minutes @  Z1/LRP/Easy

2 x 800 with 3 minute rest @ TP/Z4/Hard

1 x 1600 @ TP/Z4/Hard

Finish running until I reach 50 minutes in Z1-Z3

My Z4 pace is 7:12. This is starting to feel easier with each run. My gut was killing me today. Probably the three bowls of spaghetti and the fact I had to drink my AdvoCare product about 10 minutes before running. I had to battle through it.

You can see I hit my goals today running my 800's at 7:04 and 7:06. A little too fast, but it is hard to gauge an accurate pace on a treadmill with my Garmin watch and footpod. I don't the treadmill data at all.

My mile was at 7:09 and I ran the remainder at a 8:41 pace where I mixed in some 1 minute intervals at higher paces just to mix things up.

This is the run that I need to start extending to 60-75 minutes, but I just did not have time today. I have to run and keep an ear out for Ava.

The week coming up will prove interesting as I leave for Denver on Thursday and won't return until Sunday in addition to new daycare for our kids and the busy lives we run everyday with coaching, tutoring, doctor appointments, and life.

No rest tomorrow as planned. I need to get my workouts in before leaving because I am terrible at training while on the road.

Off to enjoy the last of this Sunday and knock off the rest of the to do list.

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