Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Out Season: Week 3: Run Workout - 800's BLAH!!!

I can tell I did not get my day off of rest on Monday. I have a super busy week and it was hard to get out of bed today. It was a warm 18 degrees outside and I just did not want to run because I knew what was coming. The workout today called for

MS: 6 x 800 (3') @ TP/Z4/Hard.

I loathe 800's. I don't know why, but I just do. It is a mental thing I need to get over. At first when I got up I was a few minutes behind schedule as I fell back asleep. I have been having some stomach issues as of late and I knew that getting my AdvoCare in my system before training was vital. I had about 25 minutes to get my drink and product in before training. I was also just going to run on the treadmill in my house, but I knew myself better and knew I would find an excuse.

So I made myself drive to the Y. I knew running outside was not my thing today. At the Y I knew I would be around people and that would help me stay focused. This also meant running on the dreadmill. Two treadmill runs in the last days! What is going on?

For some reason I could not find the setting on my Garmin that showed my running pace. I swear this option was not showing up. I don't know what was going on. I had to rely on the treadmill for pace. I ran at a slightly fast pace on the treadmill as I know they are typically not correct. I ran at 8.4 mph which was showing up as a 7:08 running pace. My 800 pace was 7:12 so I thought I was good. However, looking at the data below the treadmill was even slower than I realized.

My 800 paces were between 7:09 - 7:14. It was all over and I am not sure why. I now know that when running on the treadmill I need to go a few paces faster in the 8.6 mph range and I should be good. With that being said I was tired. I was not wiped out, but my legs were tired by the 5th and 6th set. What really surprised me was how high my HR was during the runs. The numbers seem awfully high. I did not feel like I was breathing that hard during any of the run to warrant such high numbers. I need to keep an eye on this as well. Not sure what it all means, but these are the highest numbers I have had to date.

I got it and got it done this morning. I will knock out the bike workout tomorrow and then figure out how to get the rest down while out of town.

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