Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coffeechug Listography: I need to explore these, have you?

I am continuing to sort my notepads and eliminate all these massive volumes of pages of notes that I scribbled on tons of notepads. This post is based on two pages of lists of things I told myself to check out. I have not checked them out yet, but before I lose these notes I am typing them up.

If you any an recommendations or have used/heard/read about these please let me know.

1. Minecraft Project for Schools
2. Sekai Camera
4. wiki.lvl1.org
5. nerdyderby.com
6. socialbro
7. bufferapp
8. restwise.com
9. samiinkinen.com
10.Robert Miller
11. fakebook.com
12. Calm Counter/ Noise Dial
13. ourdigitaldojo.com
14. edorigami.wikispaces.com
15. Nearpod
16. Monday Trick Shot
17. Move strawberry in water with mind
18. DOINK/EDCanvas
19. Amy Unell
20. Augment Reality Apps
21. Too Big Too Know - Weinberger
22. Teecino - I have used these products and they are AWESOME!
23. Lego Poetry
24. MJ Failure video
25. Star Wars Snowflakes
26. Lego Brick Race
27. Lego Brickshow
28. Teachem - free online teaching platform


40% of our actions are not based on decisions, but habits.

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