Friday, December 7, 2012

Coffeechug Notes: Finding Your Zone by Dr. Lardon, Part 1: Dreams

Finding Your Zone - Dr. Michael Lardon

I am going through all my notepads of notes and converting them into a cohesive and organized platform. This series of notes will be based off this book that I read a while back and now am just getting my ideas and notes written down and organized. Enjoy

Lesson One: Dreams

"I dream of the dragonfly who dreams of me."

1. Suggest that you can dream of anything i.e. goal, new reality, etc. and you give it life
2. Suggests we are not separate from the world.

Everything we do - even dream - helps shape the life we live.

Give yourself a nighttime suggestion and write down what you learned in the morning.

We need to be conscious of our own dreams. Our culture of cell phones and constant distractions lead us to forget the powerful strength.

"Never surrender to self doubt"

You have to have self and belief in your dreams to make yourself a zone-like competitor/champion.

Simple Task - take a moment before bed to think of a question or situation to dream about and record the dream in the morning.

Dreams provide the potential energy to make our realities transform into something greater.

Steps/Goals to Record Dreams

  • First goal to remember one dream every night
  • Prime yourself each night to dream about something in particular
  • Record your daydreams
Wonder if we create the dream, or if the dream creates us?

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