Friday, December 7, 2012

Coffeechug Notes: Finding Your Zone by Dr. Lardon, Part 2: Overcome The Odds

Here is a link to Part 1: Dreams

Lesson 2: Overcome The Odds

"Do not initially engage a competitor unless you are prepared." Sun Tzu, Art of War

Why are we so pure/good in practice, but not in competition?

Before a big competition, it is important to eliminate the mind clutter, worry, and create a clear frame of mind.

If you practice anything long enough, it becomes automatic.

All performance tasks have some anxiety.

Anxiety is not something we should fear

  • we must embrace
  • mild to moderate anxiety is optimal for peak performance
Are you trained or untrained?

You must ask yourself:
  • How can I prepare?
  • How can I prepare to be better?
  • Who knows more than I do, and how can I learn from them?
Knowledge is power, and preparation gives us a greater knowledge on how we will react in battle.

Preparation is the fundamental building block for maximizing performance and getting in the Zone.

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