Saturday, December 29, 2012

OS Week 9: Saturday Morning Brick

This morning I woke up with super tired legs and  sore body from training and moving furniture all over the place. I knew I had to get this workout done early or it would never happen. After a few technical glitches I got things ready to rock and busted out a good brick session this morning.

Here is the workout

Bike - 90 minutes
MS: 2 x 12' (4') @ 95-100%/204 - 215/Hard.

MS2: 1 x 5' (5') @ 95-100%/204 - 215/Hard.

Remainder of any time you have available (if any, not required) @ 80-85%/172 - 182/Mod-Hard.

Run - 30 mintues or 15 if bricking

MS: Steady run as MP/7:32/Steady out, HMP/7:14/Mod-Hard back. If bricking, do 15' only.

My legs struggled this morning. It was not easy after going three straight days of training. I know I need to get these workouts done and I am glad that I have done so up to this point. After about an hour the last half hour of the ride felt good. The only painful part was that I grabbed the wrong shorts and did not have my cycling shorts so I was without padding. I was already a tad tender from the last two days of riding.

Here are my TR results - Rides - TrainerRoad

As soon as I finished the bike I checked to make sure Ava was asleep. Aiden and Addy were already up so I put on my shoes and started up the wonderful treadmill. As soon as I started Amanda was down with Ava. I quickly finished so Amanda could go back to bed. It felt good to have all the workouts done for the day.

I ran the following in 15 minutes

The run was not easy. I was tired and I had to focus to finish strong and keep pace. I hit my paces and felt good about it.

Afterwards I tore up a great big breakfast with the kids. Time to recover to get ready for my run tomorrow. Looking forward to heading outside for once!

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