Tuesday, January 8, 2013

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 2 with yesterday recap

I talked briefly about day 1 yesterday, but after going about 5 hours without eating due to basketball practice and a school board meeting, I came home around 7:00 starving. I just could not get enough to eat.

I ate some multi-grain pasta which I don't I really should have had, but I did. I was still starving so I had two tilapia fillets. I thought for sure this would satisfy me, but I could tell my evening eating habits were kicking in. I don't really think that I was "hungry", but my mind and body is used to me grazing every 15 minutes from about 7 - 9:30. I just wanted to eat some pretzel rods like you would not believe. It was making me twitch I was craving snack foods so bad. I ended up eating another serving of almonds and a celery stalk with peanut butter before finally just going to bed. I figured in bed that I would not be taunted by the food pantry calling my name.

Overall, day one went well. I stayed the course. I need to make sure I am eating enough with my triathlon training which I think I am, but just need to monitor closely so I don't wear out and burn this body.

Heading into day 2 I felt good. I had really good energy yesterday considering my caffeine intake was cut back my a large amount. Today I am low on caffeine and feeling pretty good as well. I am just waiting for all the fiber and herbal pills to begin to clean me out which has not happened yet so I fear the moment it hits.

I am still documenting my eating in case you care - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a-xEHcf9q-ZiA8YloGPPEIHcEiZy4-5ge1FaX1T322U/edit

Always looking for feedback, advice, tips, and perhaps maybe some guidance for the others doing the same thing. I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel lighter on my feet and don't have the afternoon crash like I had before. Probably due to lack of caffeine levels dropping and no carb blowout either.

Tonight the plan is to eat every hour or so to hopefully deal with the hunger monster that struck last night. If you have any great snack ideas throw them my way!

On to the next and to everyone doing the cleanse keep up the good work. Keep posting comments, asking questions, and letting us know how you are doing in the FB group. That is what it is there for!

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