Wednesday, January 9, 2013

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 3

Well, last night was another night of me struggling with snacking. I came home from basketball around 5:30 and had dinner. We had some awesome turkey burger patties thanks to Amanda. She mixed something good up there and they hit the spot. I actually ate 3 of them. Probably should not have had 3, but I was starving. I also need to make sure I am fueling enough with my training. I find it difficult to see if I am overeating or perhaps not eating enough. I know with many of the vegetables that you can eat a ton, but there is very little carbs or protein that come of it. We had green beans and I made some quinoa as I was just not filling up.

I have found some things interesting only a few days in. Whenever I enter the kitchen I always become hungry and that feeling of starving just kicks in. The bad part is that as a family we do everything centered around the kitchen. It leads the way to our sun room and has the table for homework and basically all our operations start in the kitchen. This makes it tough. I held a bag of pretzel rods and just salivated along with sweaty palms just wanting to destroy them with sugar and candy. It is weird because I am struggling much more with this eating scheme than Amanda. If you ask her it should be the other way around. She is doing awesome. She hates when I talk about her, but I am so impressed with her focus on this 24 day challenge.

I finally had to do what I did the other night and simply go lay in bed. I had to avoid the kitchen. Around 8:30 I realized that I needed to prep chicken for today so I went back down to the kitchen and my hunger kicked in so fast after feeling normal up in bed. It is all about breaking those habits.

I did find myself loving some carrots and hummus. I had the red pepper and garlic hummus. It was great. Probably the best snack so far hands down. I also figured out that Crystal Light is legit as it has identical ingredients to Spark besides amino acids and sucralose(which I don't really want in my body anyways...the sucralose not amino acids).

Today I am doing well. I am hoping for better control with snacking tonight. I am devising a new strategy so we will see how it pans out.

I am also very tempted to step on the scale to check for progress, but I know not too until the time comes. I have read that you check on Day 11 and again on the last day. I will be interested to see the progress if any.

Lastly, I have observed that I am more tired earlier at night, but I sleep so much better. I don't wake up 3-4 times like I used to. It is not as easy to get up in the morning, but I know my sleep is improving. I think Amanda is having the same thing happen to her.

I know that tonight I need to track down some new recipes and ideas for snacks and breakfast. I need a bit more variety so I will be searching.

As always I am tracking my eating here in case you are interested.

Have a great 3rd day on the cleanse and stay strong.

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