Monday, January 7, 2013

Out Season: Week 10: Weekend Training - Illness, pain, and getting it done

Friday morning I did my first swim in over 4.5 months. I have not swam since August. I hit the pool as I have a race coming up in three weeks and needed to get used to swimming again. I did standard warm up up of

200 free
200 kick
200 pull

I then swam 800 yards thinking this was the distance for the race. I wanted to see my time and test where I was from a year ago as this race was my debut tri race last year. I swam the 800 yards in 12:56. This is a pretty good time. I got home to realize that the race was actually 900 yards. I figured that puts me at around 14 minutes or so. This would be faster than last year.

I finished with 100 yard cool down and called it. I was tired and could tell I had not swam in quite some time. I was sore the next day as well. It felt great swimming and I forget how much I love swimming. I will swim a few more times to get ready even though I know the OS states no swimming.

This weekend proved to be a challenging one. I have been battling some fatigue and not feeling the greatest the last few weeks with every few days feeling really sick to my stomach and head. Saturday I felt horrible and just did not get anything done. I missed out on the brick workout and just rested my body as it felt terrible.

The training called for the following on Saturday:

MS: 2 x 15' (4') @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard, 1 x 8' @ 95-100%/Zone4/Hard. Remainder of any time you have available (if any, not required) @ 80-85%/Zone3/Mod-Hard.

MS: Steady run as MP/Z2/Steady out, HMP/Z3/Mod-Hard back. If bricking, do 20' only.

Sunday I felt a bit better and decided to do the Saturday workout. I finished the bike, but did not run. I just felt terrible and knew that the bike workout itself was probably too much too soon. I did knock out the following though

Rides - TrainerRoad

The best part about this whole workout is that my 6 year old daughter walked 2 miles on the treadmill. She begged to walk on it so I said yes while riding. She used my iPhone and jammed to One Direction and just walked and walked and walked. I loved it! I thought she would only last for about 10 minutes but she walked a long time.

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