Sunday, January 13, 2013

Out Season: Week 11: Sunday Long Run Late At Night

I was not able to get up in the morning early enough to run. I have found that despite the struggles to train at night when the family is sleeping is tough, I think sleeping in a bit on Saturday and Sunday has kept me on the right track by not sacrificing sleep.

Tonight I got off to a much later start than planned. I was not able to run in the afternoon. I had to much too do and still have not got everything done quite yet.

The workout called for a 75 minute run  consisting of

MS: 4 x 800 (3'), 1 x 1 mile all @ TP/7:05/Hard (5').

Creating a 75 to 90 minute run from this run, where personal and physical bandwidth allows, is recommended. Simply settle into a pace between LRP/Zone 1/Easy and MP/Zone 2/Steady.

My zone 1 pace right now is 8:49 and my Z2/Marathon pace is 7:32.

I started off running much earlier like around 8:15 but was having troubles getting my foot pod to connect to my watch. I have to have data. Plain and simple. No just getting out and running. I have a plan and goals and I must visually see them. After running on and off trying to calibrate and such I realized that the battery in the foot pod was dead. I scrambled around the house and found another watch battery and was good to go. Hopefully this solves the mystery of inaccurate readings of my Garmin.

I watched the majority of the movie Coach Carter. I don't know how it ends, but I cannot wait to find out. I thought about only running 60 minutes, but decided to stay tough and get the 75 minutes done. No more excuses with this training.

I feel good. I am glad to get it done. I had some minor tightness in my right hamstring, but other than that I felt great. Off to the pool for some easy swimming just to get back in the flow before my first race in two weeks. Off to cool down and bed.

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