Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Out Season: Week 12 - Tuesday Bike Workout

Woke up early this morning knowing that I had at least a 75 minute bike workout. I did not look ahead at the workout as my new system is just to figure out that morning of so I don't back out. Today called for only 70 minutes, but it was tough. My legs were tired from the Sunday run and getting after it in practice yesterday. I get so fired up coaching. If I could bring that passion and fire into running I would be winning races!

I had to finish up a couple loose ends on my Netflix watching. I finished up Coach Carter. That movie is great. It was even better not knowing it was based on a true story until the end. I thought it was just a good feeling type movie and not based on a real world team. Very cool! I finished the final episode of The League and am sad to not have more to watch. I started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia or something like that. It is okay, but not worth the hype that some have made it out to be.

Enough of movie watching and onto the workout. Here was the plan

MS: 10' (4') @ 95-100%/204 - 215/Hard, 18' (4') @ 95-100%/204 - 215/Hard, 10' (4') @ 95-100%/204 - 215/Hard. 70 minutes

Rides - TrainerRoad http://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/rides/159605

I had to work to keep in the zones today. My legs were tired and you can I had times where I very quickly dipped and had to regather. I had issues with my bike seat. It became loose on the ride and kept moving up and down which was a real pain. I did not have time to stop and fix it as I have a very short window to train in the morning before all three kids wake up and need breakfast, lunches, milk, etc. Thank goodness for a great wife.

I felt great when I was done as I always do. If only I could bottle that feeling of greatness after a workout and sell it I would be a millionaire.

My eating has continue to be healthy. Still struggling with snacking but Thursday I weigh in after the 10 day cleanse phase of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I hope that I see some results.

Now to mentally prepare for the run workout tomorrow which I am sure is going to be a joy!

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