Monday, April 15, 2013

Coffeechug PLN Class for Educators: Objective #1 - Twitter

After presenting to my staff last week on some technology ideas and crowdsourcing I have been asked many excellent questions from various staff about Twitter and other tools to help them get started. I think the PD day has lead some teachers to think about using new tools for them to have in their teacher toolkit.

As I continue to help out the best that I can I started adding little tips and tricks to the crowdsourcing wiki project I developed as an experiment for my presention on crowdsourcing.

This weekend I developed an idea to create an online course or set of tasks to help educators. These tasks will start them from beginning to use Twitter to hopefully having them generate a network and trying out new things to understand and use the power of Twitter.

On the crowdsource wiki page I have create a new page titled Coffeechug PLN Class: Twitter where I will be adding new tasks to complete every few days. This is in trial form until I finalize it all and the only way to do that is to have educators go through the tasks, learn, connect, and give me feedback.

If you are new to Twitter or want to go deeper with Twitter please sign up and fill out the form for Task 1 and then check out the responses to find new people to connect with on Twitter by checking out Task 2.

Task 3 and 4 will be posted in the next day of so.

Follow the project on Twitter with hashtag #coffeechugPLN.

Please add name to the Google Form so new teachers can find you and connect. This is crowdsourcing at its finest.


Unknown said...

Great job, Aaron. Thanks :)
Hope it's OK for my nonprofit to be included.
BIG FUN education

Unknown said...

Great job, thanks, Aaron :)
Hope it's OK for my nonprofit to be included.
Annabelle Howard
BIG FUN education