Monday, April 15, 2013

Coffeechug PLN - Twitter for Educators Task 3: Creating your Profile and Brand

Feel free to join whenever you are ready! To learn more check out the crowdsourcing page.

Task 3: Creating your Profile and Brand

Check out the video posted to showcase what you need to do with this particular task. There are three objectives and one bonus.

1. I can upload and post a picture of myself to my Twitter account.

2. I can upload a header to my Twitter account.

3. I can create a clever bio about myself to sell who I am and my brand

Bonus: I can create my own background to upload to my Twitter profile page. 

Be creative! Don't use the provided ones by Twitter. 

If you need some guidance in your creative endeavors, then check out and follow the tutorial to create your very own. It is quite clever and easy to use.

Be sure to tweet #coffeechugPLN so we can see what you created and we can give feedback and guidance on what you put together.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or resources leave a comment here on the blog or simply modify the wiki page or better yet share on Twitter with #coffeechugpln.

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