Monday, April 22, 2013

Coffeechug PLN - Twitter for Educators Task 8: Build a Following

The last of the major tasks(there is one left after this!) is focused on leaving you independent and free to create connections and expand your network. I hope that this final step leaves you with some general ideas to grow your following and enhance your PLN(Personal Learning Network). Remember this whole course is part of a crowdsourcing wiki so if you have other ideas and further suggestions please edit the wiki and enhance the course content.

Without further ado, here are my final ideas to leave you ready to tackle the world of Twitter on your own.

1. Show your face - We have talked about this earlier in previous tasks, but I think this is so important. Now this does not always have to be serious. BUT, it does need to reflect who you are. You could create an 8 bit pixelated image of yourself or a cartoon style. Let the image reflect you. Change it up from time to time. I know I don't like things to be the same so I am constantly creating new to keep myself current with where I am in my life.

2. Interesting Bio - don't forget to go back and revisit this. Maybe you are ready to edit your bio from where you started. I think it is important to revisit this every few months to see how you want to change. Maybe you won't want to, but at least taking a look at it will allow you to reflect on yourself which is always important.

3. Share worthwhile content - I am on Twitter way too much. I am a junkie. Through it all it is important to share quality content. This is a learning process. I have made my fair share of non important tweets, but by sharing quality content it will make other people follow you because they won't want to miss out on what you are sharing. On the flipside, if you share a bunch of junk, then you will lose followers because we don't have time for that. People check Twitter quickly so make it count!

4. Stay active - Be sure to not leave your Twitter account idle. Check in and see what is going on. There is no need to play catch up as you will just stress yourself out, but don't sit and do nothing either. People will drop you like a bad habit. Be in the now!

5. Join chats - Probably the best thing about Twitter. These hour sessions can leave you loaded with new ideas, connections, and resources. Chats will connect you with new people and expand your network. It is always a win win situation.

6. Help others by retweeting - Help others. Don't be selfish. Don't always self promote. If people are seeking guidance or help, RT. If they share something good, RT. Spread the wealth!

7. Golden Rule - Do I really need to explain? This rule applies here in Twitter also! We sometimes forget that there is a human on the other end of the tweet.

8. Give more than ask - This is key. Be a helper. Just like we teach our students. Lead by example. Be a model learner and teacher. Give help. Share ideas. The more you do of this, then the more people will help you.

Keep these eight tips in mind when working on Twitter and working to connect and build your network. Before long it will just happen automatically.

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