Sunday, April 21, 2013

#coffeechugPLN First Twitter Chat: Please join us!

I have been working on a self paced course to help teachers new to Twitter learn the overall feel and process of this great networking tool.

We are now ready to try out Twitter Chats and I thought it would be great to host our very own. Please consider joining us to help offer your expertise as well as helping teachers new to Twitter.

When? Tuesday, April 23rd

Time? 8:30 pm central time

Hashtag? #coffeechugPLN 

What is the #coffeechugPLN chat about on April 23rd? I am working with educators new to Twitter to become more connected and to enhance their Twitter networks. This first chat is designed to help them learn how a chat works and how to participate in one of these.

What is the outline/questions of the chat?

I will be using questions based off the first chat by #ksed because I feel that those questions would work for this first session. I have modified and tweaked them a bit, but the overall feel of that chat will be similar.

Q1 Please share where you are from and your experience with Twitter, Twitter chats, etc.

Q2 For the twitter chat veterans out there, what are some of your favorite live chats? Why? When do they happen? 

Q3 Some hashtags aren’t live chats. Which are your favorite to go learn from at any time of day? Why are they your fave? 

Q4 How has Twitter impacted your teaching? 

Q5 Looking ahead: What are topics that need to be addressed on Twitter? What should future chats be about?

Q6 If this is your first live Twitter chat, what questions do you have about anything here? If you’re a veteran, what should they be asking?

Q7 Last official question of the evening, who are people that you’d recommend for all educators to follow on Twitter? 


#coffeechugPLN Chat page

I am in need of a co-host so if you would like to help please let me know!

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