Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twitter Help 102: Hashtags, Chats, Q and A, and Tweetdeck

I have created the second video for helping teachers and people who are new to Twitter. These topics are from general discussions I have had with teachers after my presentations I gave early this week.

You can access all Twitter information from my crowdsourcing wiki. The whole wiki is a crowdsourcing wiki experiment where it is wide open for people to add their insights, knowledge, tips and tricks to help teachers create a PLN and to help them crowdsource their ideas. Feel free to add to the wiki wherever you can. The more information we can provide, the greater the benefits.

This second video on Twitter will cover hashtags, chats, Q and A, and the tool Tweetdeck. The first video I created on Twitter just helped people learn how to follow and begin to create a PLN using Twitter after hearing about Twitter during my Crowdsourcing presentation.

With everything if you have questions, need further help or tips please let me know. I am working on a third video and will be working to enlarge the Twitter interface so it is easier to see in the video. I will be recording my phone screen for the next video to show how I use Air Server as a tool in my classroom. 

I hope this helps some people out. Have a great weekend.

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