Friday, May 3, 2013

#Choose2Matter Week 1 Reflections, Guidance, and Blog Topics

I was trying to think about ways to help guide my students for the Choose2Matter project created by Angelia Maeiers. I am currently working with around 30 students in grades 6,7, and 8. I have about half part of the Dream Team in which they are working to actually be the project by working with social media, creative media, storytelling, and evaluation. These four teams within the Dream Team are composed of students from all over and they will run this project with leaders from college and the real world businesses and organizations.

I also have about half working on submitting projects to create change to the world. As I work through the swirl of students going in 30 different directions I have made some observations and want to give some guidance. I thought about writing up a task sheet, but that seems to go against the very grain of this project and my teaching.

Instead I have decided to create a blog post to share with them all and you, the reader, in case you have any words of wisdom to share.

Idea #1: Your personal brand

For many of you this is your first time sharing your work and ideas out in social media and the real world. Students have a blog over on where I am having the Dream Team and the project students share our their ideas during this journey. I shared some links on how to blog along with some other tips to do it right. This is a work in progress as they learn how to make it work for them. If you get a chance, please read the posts and give any guidance that you can about the content, voice, organization, etc.

Students are also using Wiggio for their main hub for the Dream Team. This is where they will work with their teams to communicate and so forth.

As we explore with these two tools it is important that students you remember
  • Display who you are through your actions and words. This is not chit chat time where you talk randomness. Keep the vision on the project and learning.
  • Remember what you share is there forever even if you delete it. Before you post and submit always ask yourself, "Is this the essence of who I am?"
  • Always write with voice. Have PASSION for what you do!
  •  Proofread - don't come across ignorant by using improper words, spelling errors, forgetting punctuation, etc.
Idea #2: Blog Post Topics

Last night I attended a very interesting #Dadchat on Twitter lead by Angela Maiers. We talked about ideas and visions for students to make a difference. From that chat many great questions were shared. I have shared some of these questions below.  By Monday, May 6th, I want everyone to write up a blog post that tackles one or some of these questions. Really put some thought into your voice and answers.  We need to make sure kids change the world before the world changes them.

Here are some questions to spark some thought. Remember, to think about students, student voice, making change, this project, etc.

Who did you notice today? How did you help?
What made you proud?
What made you say WOW?

How dangerous is it to tell our kids, "Have something to fall back on.

Our driving questions are What makes U awesome? & How can you use that 2 make world better?

What is the diff between You Matter and Self-Esteem?

CAN every kid change the world? What if reality doesn't? What do they think changing world means?

Can kids be taught to care about anything other than themselves?

Idea #3: Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Changing the world happens in breathes and moments w/monumental feats. A smile, a hug, a commitment to act. As we work towards putting our projects into place, make sure you really understand the issues that you are tackling.

Some of us have great ideas. However, make the project something that you can manage. Working with some people outside of the US and people who are willing to help you see the projects through remember they are not going to do it for you.

Make sure you have proper information. Don' have a lack of information on the issues of your project. Understand the topic thoroughly before embarking on a solution to one particular problem. (thanks Eden). Really make sure you understand the problem at hand and what really needs to be done. Think more locally where you can test and achieve your goals. Many times the global issue that you are trying to tackle is a major issue locally. And that last statement is another blog post for another day!

So, remember
1. Stay AWESOME and PASSIONATE about your work and vision.
2. Sell yourself in a professional and positive way. Don't post and submit things that could impact your image.
3. Work on that blog post by Monday. Dream Team this will be your second post. Project people this will be your first.
4. Stay connected and keep learning every single day.

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