Sunday, August 18, 2013

4 Essential Ideas Coffeechug Learned From Reading Start Something That Matters #coffeechugPLN

I read another book that I feel you should read. It is by Blake Mycoskie which many of you don't know the name, but you know his company TOMS shoes. This is a story about his journey along with what he believes are the keys to getting started with your own goals.

Below are my 4 key ideas that really stuck with me and my own personal thoughts. You can read the book to hear what he has to say along with many other ideas. These are not his key ideas, but were key to me with where I am in life right now.

1. How do you define success? I don't know the real definition, but I have come to realize that success goes beyond status and money to include the idea that we should be working on something that enhances the world while living a life that fits your own terms and ideas.

2. The Power of Stories - Reading this book is a story. It grips your emotions and forces you to connect. Stories are much more powerful than facts or data. Numbers don't connect on an emotional level. You can use data mixed in with stories to connect them. Think of your favorite teachers and you probably remember stories and not the content. This is true with life in general and yet we often times forget the story part when we teach.

3. Don't fear the unknown - embrace and find out what is on the other side of the door. As you do this you will make mistakes, but remember that life goes on. Reading this story reminded me of the current journey I am on with a new job with many unknowns. Additionally, the unknown of writing my first book has left me slowing up the process. This book made me realize it is time to take the risk and throw it out there. What do I have to lose? Nothing!

4. Keeps things simple. Don't over complicate matters. I personally do this all the time and is something I am working on everyday. Another idea that mixes in this mindset is you don't need a lot of money. Use what you have around you to get started. There are so many free tools, websites, and discarded materials all around that we can find what we need to get started. We think we must have all these resources to get started, but being crafty and simplifying things will make life easier.

Once again I have another book that has empowered my mind to go after my goals. I have taken a bit of time of writing my book. Yes, I have made those excuses of being too busy presenting, going back to school, etc. They are excuses. There is never a perfect time to write.

Reading this book has inspired me to get back on track to accomplishing what I feel will help others. Please give this book a read and know that 50% of the proceeds goes to a funding program to help programs that will help others.

This is another must read that I recommend to everyone. Thanks to Coach Norm for telling me to read this book. I might make this a must read for my students on my robotics team and sports team as well. Great message that really inspires.

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