Thursday, August 1, 2013

Be in the NOW. Celebrate the PRESENT


As my summer vacation is coming to a close and we return to school next week it is easy to begin to start thinking.....

I wish had two more weeks to get this, this, and this done.

I cannot believe that summer is over.

I have to work in my room


We find ourselves quickly moving our mindset to thinking about the past and thinking about the future. Meanwhile, the present is overlooked and we are missing out on life.

I went through this just the last few days while at a mini vacation we take every year with two other couples. Here I am at a water park, my kids happy, having a blast and I start thinking about my work at back at home, getting frustrated with factors out of my control at the water park, and not enjoying my time like I should.

It was 100% my fault. I was worrying about things that I could not control and change. Instead of being in the moment I was missing out. I had to adjust my mindset to get back to the reasons we take little vacations.

Yesterday my two year old had a bit of breakdown. Finally, I had her settled where she stood in the water leaning against me and we watched the slides and water being splashed all over. I was in the moment. It was awesome. I had to remember this moment will never happen again. Next year she will be a year older. Perhaps I wanted to go do the big slides, but I will never have a chance again to connect with my daughter when she is two again. Next year she will be three. That right there is the biggest thrill ride I could ask for. I was in the moment not thinking about anything else.

I write this to share that none of us are perfect. It is easy to think about the future or past and neglect the present. To be truly present is not easy. We have to find that balance.

I am reminded to not wish my life away wishing for this or that because one day our time will be over and we will have wished that we did not wish our life away. Be in the moment and realize that the best moments in life are those small moments that we often overlook and take for granted.

Remember this as a person and spouse and parent. Remember this in your classroom as a teacher. Don't think about all the things that come with the job, but be in the moment to celebrate the small victories. By doing this your job is so much more rewarding and amazing. It is about mindset and our mindset can be the game changer in our appreciation for life.

Be in the NOW!

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