Saturday, August 24, 2013

Check out the amazing chalk illustration for the Passion Project! #coffeechugPLN

After providing my slides and Passion Project Challenge to people at a conference and online I realized a major flaw with the system in which I asked my audience to share their PASSION through some simple activities I realized a major flaw!

Teachers are just like students and need examples before they share. 

So I will be sharing my examples on the Passion Project website over the next few days.

Today I have uploaded two examples of using chalk to showcase Passion and finding ourselves.

Let me explain my image that I constructed. 

PASSION - right in the middle. I still need to find a more powerful word to convey what I am trying achieve, but for now this word will do. I believe that teachers and people in general need to be able to identify what it is in life that moves them, makes them want to get out of bed in the morning, and make a change. Not many people really know this answer, but I believe it is at the epicenter of all of our actions and what we do with ourselves.

HEART - What do you love? What breaks your heart? What eats away at you that you wish you could solve or lend a hand with? These are the questions you must ask yourself when trying to identify your passion and your greater purpose in life. By finding these answers you will be on your way to making things happen.

E - Comes from a mind blowing book titled, The One Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It stands for Entrepreneurial Approach. What this means is doing the things that come naturally to you. I love the idea, but will veer off their ideas and spin this to my own thoughts. These are often the things we do well that we don't realize. This is where having a powerful tribe around you to help you identify these traits is important. I experienced this firsthand this summer working with some amazing educators who helped me find myself. These are the skills we should focus on to make our classrooms and lives better and more rich and satisfying.

P - Comes from the book also. P stands for Purposeful Approach. These are doing things that come unnaturally. They argue this is where breakthrough happens. I don't necessarily agree 100%, but what I will argue here is that we must push ourselves beyond our Entrepreneurial skills to reach new heights of accomplishment. We have to think differently about getting things done. In order to achieve your purpose we have to work outside our comfort zone sometimes. By doing this we are increasing our zone, acquiring new skills, and inching one step closer to making our Passions happen.

?+ - means to question. Ask the good questions. Put the facade questions aside and really drive to the heart of the matter. This is tough to do, but without real conversation how will we make progress? Many people don't like this because they really have to look inwards on themselves and sometimes they don't like the answers. We need to be brutally honest and have dialogue with our tribe. We have to be willing to understand that it is not a personal attack, but a moment in which we understand ourselves more so we can move to the next step on our journey. 

I would love many more examples. I think it is very important for educators to showcase their ideas, thoughts, and ideas with the world. We need to share and the more we share the more our students will follow our footsteps.

Please read the ideas and instructions in the links below. Email me your work so I can upload to the Passion website.

Next week I will be leaving Post It Notes around to further lead by example. Will you lead in your school?

What will you share to help spread the message of Passion in education?

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