Sunday, August 4, 2013

Check out awesome digital version of the Passion Driven Handout. #coffeechugPLN

For those of you who cannot make the World Council of Gifted and Talented Conference I have made my handout digital.

This postcard is one piece of the Passion Toolkit that I am creating for this presentation(toolkit will be shared shortly).

I used the website Thinglink which is an amazing tool if you have not yet experimented with it yet.

Above is the postcard. I took images of the front and back of the postcard. I then merged them together using Keynote and then did a screen capture to make it one image.

From there I uploaded the image to Thinglink and then added the hyperlinks accordingly.

You can hover over the sections and a button will appear to take you to the sites and links.

In case the buttons do not show up on the image above here is the link to go to it directly.

I would love to hear your feedback as well as have you take time to answer the questions on passion posted on the handout.

In a few days I will share the Passion Toolkit. I am assembling them as we speak and waiting for one more item to arrive in the mail.


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