Monday, August 12, 2013

Reflection on Passion Driven presentation: 1st time is scary! #wcgtc13 #coffeechugPLN

This morning I had my second presentation at the #WCGTC13. It was the first session of the day bright and early at 8:00 am. This particular presentation I was more nervous for than the global one yesterday because this would be the very first time I have spoke on this topic.

To speak on Passion in under 30 minutes is very challenging. I developed a Passion Toolkit for my Passion Project along with several questions and back channel materials for this topic. I had to fly through this to get to the root of my topic: In order to have a Passion Driven Classroom teachers must stop, look within, and discover their own Passions.

If you read this blog, then you know I preach passion all the time this past summer.

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Without going on another rant here are my reflections on this presentation.

  • It is easier to speak to many compared to very few. Literally three minutes before the start there were three people in the room. However, I had a decent crowd when it was time to rock and roll. 
  • Sell yourself - this is part of my presentation, but due to my presentation yesterday I believe that people showed up today who did not even consider my presentation prior. You have a chance to be heard and make an impact so you better run with it. This applies to the classroom.
  • Passion Toolkit LAST - I moved my slides all around with fear of running out of time. Ideally, I will go back to moving my toolkit slides to the very end. It was hard to bridge this without speaking on my thoughts about passion first. It was not a good flow. Slides have been changed.
  • Examples: Teachers love examples. I want them to lead the way. I hope to get some great cultural examples with who I spoke with. Fingers crossed. I want more than just American ideas!
  • Questions: If you get questions, then you know you have sparked thought. I had some amazing questions. Although I may not have the answers it challenges my thinking. I learn so much from the crowd.
    • Can school/administration/policies affect the atmosphere of passion in schools? 
    • What examples of passion can I share?
  • Even more important is the self internal question: Is what I am preaching really passion or am I lacking the proper term? I think I am trying to go beyond the scope of the definition of passion. It is not tangible. It is something that is felt, beyond a manipulative, and can be a deep passion depending on the person AND NOT SOCIETY parameters
I am working heavily on this topic. The word PASSION may change. The intent will not. I am developing an online workshop on this topic to dig deep, working on PD for teachers on this very topic, and trying like mad to develop a book. It all takes time and I need more conversations like I had the last few days at the #WCGTC13. 

Here are my slides. 
If you would like for me to send you the Passion Toolkit or would like to chat further let me know. I am working on interviews/conversations on this topic. I need to know more about where people are coming from. I need more perspective than my own thoughts.

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