Saturday, August 10, 2013

What is the CoffeechugPLN Tribe reading the last 30 days?

One month ago I posted a blog post showing the top five blog posts from the previous month.

As I have been working hard this summer to improve my writing and blog posting I was curious to see how things have developed since then. Here are the top posts from the last 30 days.

Not one blog post from the last time I did chart made the list. These are all brand new posts. This tells me that I created some quality content or the last month posts were not long lasting content.

I also know that my views have increased. Last month my mostly viewed post was around 300-400. This is where my bottom posts are coming in.

If you have not checked out these posts from the last 30 days check them out and see what everyone is reading about. Let me know what you missed and what you learned.

I am at the World Council of Gifted and Talented Conference the next few days so be ready for a ton of posts sharing out what I am learning here on the blog as well as on Twitter @coffeechugbooks.

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