Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who are you taking with you? #coffeechugPLN

I am doing a personal book study  with the book Taking People With You by David Novak. This book was suggested to me at the LEAP Conference and as the book suggests I am reading one chapter at a time so I can reflect. I simply read the introduction and felt the need to write up some thoughts right away.

When I read this chapter it did not really connect with me at first. Like many things I have blogged about and as obvious as this should have been while reading I missed the key concept and power in my life.

I simply cannot do it alone. Plain and simple. I have a wife who allows me to pursue my passions. Without her none of my endeavors would ever reach you, my readers, or the people that I have connected with. She has allowed me to branch out. She supports me. She deserves just as much credit as anyone for the things that I am able to create. 

Nobody can do it alone. It is just not possible.

I am at the World Council of Gifted and Talented Conference and being here is a perfect example. She gave me a great idea for a handout. She helped me pick out bow ties. She ironed my shirts after I burned a pair of pants a few years back. She has listened to endless rants, stressful moments, and basically enduring all the neediness that I bring home on a daily basis.

She is my rock as cliche as that sounds. She lets me have it when I need to hear it. She reminds me to keep my ego in check and that all the ideas I have are not good(which I need to hear!).

This post is to thank her for all of her help and support and to remind you, the readers, to think about who you are taking with you on your journey to greatness. Don't forget to thank those people. Let them know how they have helped. Even the people you work with every single day. Never assume because you would be amazed at what we think people know but really don't.

Just this week I wrote out a handful of letters to students. I receive letters from students throughout the year from one of the classes they take where they have to write to someone. I decided to show these students that their letters matter. So just this past week I wrote them all a letter after reading them again to wish them success for the upcoming school year. I mailed it to their house. I don't know the impact it will have and maybe not at all. I want the students to know their voices were heard and it was important to me.

Last, being at this conference and knowing I am missing back to school night for my children and my sons first football practice in tackle football really makes me homesick. But I believe in my message of passion and spreading the word of sharing what we are good at. I know in my heart it is worth it. It is not easy. I am homesick and feel terribly guilty as a father and husband. If my message spreads, then I know that missing these two events will be ok. I will be there for the rest of the season and all of his games. I will be there for all the other school events. I will be there, but just not these. Not easy, but I know they know that I am passionate about what I am doing.

To end this, think about who you are bringing on your journey. Are you bringing the right people? Is what you are trying to accomplish worth it? If not, then quit. Quitting is not all bad. But make sure when you do commit it is going to make an impact.

I look forward to connecting and sharing my message and feel blessed to have a family that believes in what I am trying to accomplish. Withouth them it would never happen. So I ask you again who are you taking with you?

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