Friday, September 6, 2013

8th Grade Students Heartbreak Maps. We need your ideas! #bettpassion

On Tuesday of this week students worked with Angela Maiers to create their heartbreak maps and begin to develop an idea about what their genius is and what matters to them. I won't go into all details of the day as you can read about it here, but instead what I want to do is ask for help, guidance, and suggestions.

Students are now in the process of identifying their genius and exploring the issues that really matter to them. It was a lot for them to take in all in one day so we are taking a step back to help them really dive deep into themselves as well as the world.

I have shared the slideshow of their heartbreak maps

As students slowly make their way online(some are already moving along just fine if you follow #bettpassion on Twitter) to developing blogs, websites, and Twitter accounts I would like for them to begin to gain some feedback.

If you have time I would love it(and the students too) if you could check out their maps, their ideas, and offer any resources, websites, hash tags, ideas, questions, etc. that they have placed on their maps. You can leave a comment here on this blog, email me, or type up some ideas on this Google Doc -

I will then share these with the students as we continue to narrow down, define, and develop an action plan. Our goal is to provide a service to these ideas. We are not going to be fundraising, asking for donations, or anything that requires people to give. The only thing we want people to give is expertise which is why I am writing this post.

We look forward to your ideas and thoughts. As always connect with us and the students using the #bettpassion hashtag.

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