Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#BettPassion Project updates - Students are ready to tackle the world!

It has been a few days since I have updated everyone on the status of our #bettpassion project where we worked with Angela Maiers last week to kickstart our own Choose2Matter project. Students worked on answering the question, "What Breaks Your Heart?"

Since last Tuesday students have spent time in their language arts class doing some reflecting on the day. I have compiled just a few of the reflections to give you an idea of their mindset of day. Lots of varying ideas, but in the end the students realized that they do have a GENIUS and they do have the POWER to make positive change.

After reflecting students have begun to identify their own genius and really diving into thinking about themselves and what they can contribute. We are in the process of developing a Genius Wall in our hallway. We will also be sharing these geniuses on our newly created wiki page for this project - http://bettpassion.wikispaces.com/

I would highly encourage you to follow this site. There is not much there right now, but next week things will really start to develop.

Starting this Thursday I will be working with the social studies teacher and students to begin to really start the projects. Some students are already up and running, but we want to get everyone started and make sure we look at all aspects of the projects.

Here is a breakdown of things that will be developed and shared to our project page soon.

  • a #bettpassion logo to use on all our social media
  • students will complete an action plan for their ideas(template to be uploaded soon)
  • collection of resources and services that help aid us along the way
  • video documentation from the workshop with Angela as well as our journey(we hired a professional film crew)
  • Student/Group blogs to share their journey with everyone
When we kick things off on Thursday I will be working to cover the following topics

  • Rethink ideas and begin to move forward
  • Begin work on Action Plan
  • Problem vs. Issue
  • Issue Analysis(3 of these)
  • Group/Student blog
  • Social Media
  • Not asking for money or doing fundraisers(we want to provide a service)
What are your thoughts? We are super excited to get started and make this happen. We have big plans and want the world to help these students help others!

I will keep everyone updated until we get things really off the ground and running. Once we do that, then the students will be ones keeping you in the loop!

8th Grade Students Heartbreak Maps. We need your ideas! #bettpassion http://shar.es/ic3qO

Ebb and Flow of #Genius #Passion & #Mindshift in Educators & Students #bettpassion  http://shar.es/ic348 

Adults don't always understand vision of kids. Let them SHOW you! #choose2matter #bettpassion http://shar.es/ic3lR

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