Friday, September 27, 2013

Challenging my Lego EV3 Skills. Master must become Student #lego #coffeechugPLN

Eyes open

I have had some time to investigate EV3 and all the capabilities. I have made it a mission to be efficient in this robot by the time school starts.

Today I had a few hours to really study and tinker a bit. Here a few things I learned that I either forgot about or did not previous know.

1. Terminology - modes and parameters

2. When movement is defined in Seconds, the distance traveled is affected by the battery level. When defined in Degrees, the motion is precise.

3. Use the Wheel Pointers to help understand the relationship between motor and Driving Base rotation. Students often assume a 90-degree motor turn is equal to a 90-degree Driving Base turn. Note that the distance between the driving wheels will affect the turning radius.

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