Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coffeechug Global Projects - Feel free to participate and join! #coffeechugPLN #flatclass #edchat

1. Spanish Skype - Looking to connect classrooms of Spanish Language? We have created a Google Doc to share contact info. We have our middle school Spanish teacher ready to Skype and develop some projects as well as a high school teacher that recently jumped in. Come connect and expand the boundaries of Spanish class.

2. Global Journal Project - I have developed a new global project where the goal is to create some journals documenting various schools from around the world. Sign up for the journal, I will mail it to you and then it is up to you and your students what you want to share. All things will be digitized so we can all learn from one another. In the end we will have an amazing artifact of global education. Who is ready?

3. BettPassion Project - I have already blogged about this project quite a bit, but come see what our students are doing to change the world. We are almost ready to share out our projects. Come join us and offer your genius!

4. Coming Soon - New Bald Eagle Project - the link is from last year. Hopefully, the grant will go through and we will be conducting this global project again, but on a bigger scale!

5. Global Youth Debates - I am acting as an ambassador for this project. I will not have a class involved this year(bummer!), but will be helping out and making sure things go according to plan. This is a great project and one worth checking out.

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