Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Logo vs. Symbol: We want #bettpassion to be a symbol of our WHY!

I challenged our students to develop a logo for our #bettpassion project that we could use to brand what we are trying to achieve. This is a vital element to our social media presence and what we want to accomplish.

Reading Simon Sinek I realized I failed my students. I don't want a logo. I want a SYMBOL.

A logo is just an image. It really is a thought that remains stuck on the WHAT.

We want a symbol. A symbol reinforces the values of #bettpassion. Many companies have logos that we can identify, but if you ask about their WHY nobody can answer. We don't want to fall in that category. We want people to see our symbol and know our WHY.

It will be our jobs to explain our WHY and get that message out to the world so the logo becomes a symbol of the essence of what we are attaining to do.

We want to be the flag that sits on the right arm of soldier.

The flag is reversed on purpose. When a soldier is engaged in battle a flag would be waving backwards if viewed from the right. If shown the correct way it would look like the soldier was in retreat. Add to this idea the deep rooted meaning of our flag and what it symbolizes on top of everything else.

We may not have the symbolism of the American flag, but we sure want to be close! However, we have to produce work and change that is worthy of a symbol or else we will just be a logo.

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