Monday, September 16, 2013

Student Blogging Tips for #bettpassion project

I was trying to think about ways to help guide to develop their own blogs as they begin to document their journey for our #bettpassion projects.

We have developed a website that will operate as the main hub, but students need their own individual platform. 

We will be providing each student (about 175 of them) with their own blog.

With so many having their own blog for the first time I was trying to figure out the best way to deliver the goods. I tried to develop a slide deck, but instead went with this blog post so it can serve as a resource as they need to revisit the material.

As always we would love any additional feedback as well as taking time to check out their ideas and blog posts.

Idea #1: Your personal brand

For many of you this is your first time sharing your work and ideas out in social media and the real world. 

As we explore this tool it is important that you: 

  • Display who you are through your actions and words. This is not chit chat time where you talk randomness. Keep the vision on the project and learning, but begin to brand who you are and what you represent.
  • Remember what you share is there forever even if you delete it. Before you post and submit always ask yourself, "Is this the essence of who I am?"
  • Always write with voice. Have PASSION for what you do!
  • Proofread - don't come across ignorant by using improper words, spelling errors, forgetting punctuation, etc.
Idea #2: Blog Post Topics

Your blog posts need to capture the essence of what you are trying to accomplish. Speak from the heart and share the joys as well as the issues that develop. We want to learn from you and hear from you. We need to make sure kids change the world before the world changes them. 

Idea #3: Blogging Tips
  • Peer review, revise, and edit before posting.
  • Don't post copyrighted content including pictures.
  • I would suggest drafting your in Google Docs first. If you need help with searching for safe images and citing facts properly check out my blog post about how to use the Google Research Tool
  • Short paragraphs and simple sentences.
  • Use media, but not copyrighted!
  • Aim for around 200 - 500 words

Idea #5: Responding(courtesy of Shaelynn Farnsworth)

We are sharing our blogs with students from other schools - make sure that you are proud of what you post. Edit your blog. Do not post anything that has not had at least one other person view and edit. All posts must be school appropriate!

Responding - Your response is just as important as the post. The best way to move a writer forward is by a thoughtful response. Here are some tips to practice:
*Address writer by name
*Point to something specific but do not try to include everything
*Relate it to own life
*Be careful of criticism or sarcasm
*More than 3 sentences is best
*Sign name and school

*If you ever receive a response that is inappropriate tell your teacher immediately !

So, remember
1. Stay AWESOME and PASSIONATE about your work and vision.
2. Sell yourself in a professional and positive way. Don't post and submit things that could impact your image.

3. Use the hashtag #bettpassion to connect with our global audience

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