Sunday, November 24, 2013

Book App Review: Sock Monstser by Junoberry

This post begins a series of book apps that I will be reviewing. I have been wanting to find apps that will engage my kids in reading through the use of their iPads. I still see a disconnect with my kids where they don't view their devices as opportunities for learning, but more for entertainment.

I will be sharing out reviews of my own accord in addition to checking out apps as a Cybils judge. I will be posting many reviews starting with this one called Sock Monster.

As always, I will always take feedback, suggestions, and any questions you might have.

Sock Monster  is a book that I was not too sure about at first. However, the first time I read through the book I found myself laughing out loud. Something about this little critter.

I don't know that I would re-read over and over. Part of that might be because I am an adult. My son found it to be a funny story. My youngest liked to click the pictures.

The story is rather short. I think the book needs some other features to be worth it as it does cost $4.99. I know in the scheme of things I would not bat an eye buying a book at a store for $5 and would consider it a deal, but apps this seems to be a bit on the high side and does not have a lot more to offer besides the story.

But, the story is good. I liked it. I love the monster. It makes me laugh. I love the page when the monster has to eat the clothes on the line and you click anything not a sock! There are no ads or in app purchases which is a HUGE plus for kids like my youngest who constantly click those icons and make her mad which drive me crazy.

Overall, I liked the app. I really liked the monster and the story, but just not sure that $5 is worth it. If I could have a little monster like to use in my classroom images or a little plush toy...........

Art is solid. Animations work. Very colorful.

However, I did receive word that there is a reduced price coming up so I want to share that with you and in that case it is worth it! Under $5 and this app will make your kid happy.

Just to let you all know that Sock Monster will be available at a reduced price on the App Store for the week over Thanksgiving! (26th Nov-4th Dec)
If you haven't already then please check him out! We're sure you'll love him!

"Sock Monster is a quirky storybook adventure for iPad with original hand-crafted artwork by exciting new author / illustrator Lorna Freytag. The story is for wee monsters aged 2-5yrs  (but we're sure you'll love it just as much!).  
Follow Sock Monster as he GOBBLES, MUNCHES and CHOMPS all the socks in the house. 
What will he do when there are none left? Help him find all the socks before he fades away forever!"

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