Friday, November 4, 2011

Training - 15 Days Until LHF Race

I got off my lazy unmotivated butt this morning to run. I don't know why I  have these lapses of BLAH! because I feel so much better after a morning run. The last two days I woke up, but instead of running decided to just lay in bed and be lazy. Life has been hectic, but that should be more reason to run. When you fall the cycle of bad eating, sleeping in, and not running it is very hard to get back on track. One bad action leads to another bad action.

Today I put some new music on my iPod and headed out. It was cold, but I loved it! 27 degrees and feeling like 23 is great. My hands were freezing, but the rest was good to go.

I started off and my arches of my feet were killing me. For some reason they have been giving me problems lately. After the body warmed up the pain subsided and I was able to get into my zone. It was a beautiful morning. The stars were shining bright and seeing all the parked cars with frost on the windows reminds me that winter is around the corner.

I ran 5 miles in 41:14 for 8:13 pace pushing mile 4 in 7:56 and mile 5 in 7:38. I felt heavy running. I did not feel light on my feet. Perhaps if I develop some self control on my eating and get back on track I will return to feeling good.

One step at at time to get back on track to GETTING IT DONE!

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