Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Training - Treadmill Run, How I Overcame My Hatred For These Devices

Woke up this morning to another awakening of rain and wind. It was very difficult to get out of bed. Something about this weather and the darkness just makes me actually want to sleep in(which I rarely do). I got up and started to figure out what I was going to do.

I had not run the last two days after one day of rest and yesterday due to the rain. I was walking around making excuses about why I could not run today. Then I finally stopped myself from making excuses because that is just being weak minded. I counted down my days until my race(10 days) and began to focus on what needs to be done in order for me to feel good about a good performance on November 19th.

I had to break down the mental wall of running on a treadmill. I have developed this massive hatred for this piece of equipment. I have had a past of these things just turning off on me while running. I am not able to view a TV while running on these things as I always start running off the side and falling off even if the TV is directly in front of me. Last, I just love being outside for my runs.

I got myself gathered and drove to the Y. I made myself get on a treadmill and run. As luck would have it I could not get the first two to start and finally the third one worked. By this point in the morning I was already behind schedule as it took me a little longer to get going(mental barrier) and then finally getting on a treadmill that works.

I had to make up some ground so as I started running I just increased the speed 1/2 mph every 5 minutes to see where it would take me. At the 25 minute mark I was running at 8 mph, then 20 at 8.5, 15 minutes at 9, 10 minutes at 9.5, and finally 5 minutes at 10 where I took the last 90 seconds to decrease my speed slowly so it was not a full 5 minutes at 10 mph. This was a great workout.

I was able to get in 4 miles in 29:33 for 7:23 pace. I ran my mile splits at 8:29, 7:39, 6:56, and 6:26. I have not ran at this pace in a long time. Yes, I know the treadmill is flat unlike outdoors, but it still felt good to see that I still have what it takes to run 4 miles under 30 and finish feeling good and not depleted.

So I overcame my hatred. I still don't love treadmills because staring at a wall sucks. But, sticking to my mantra of GETTING IT DONE! I did what needed to be done.

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